Non Ferrous Scrap Metal Grades

Enablelink purchase, process and sell all grades of Non Ferrous scrap Metals.  Contact us now for competitive market linked prices.  We provide an unparalleled service via our door trade, weighbridge and container collection services.    

New Production Copper Cuttings, Copper Turnings, Dry Bright Copper Wire, 98%Heavy Copper, Clean Copper Tube, Clean New Production Electro, Greasy Bright & No1 Wire, Hard Drawn Copper Wire, Clean Copper Tanks, Braizery.
Brass & Bronze
Brass Cuttings, Brass Rod, Brass Rod Turnings, Mixed Brass, Brass Rod Solids, Mixed Brass Swarf, Phosphor Bronze Solids & Swarf, Aluminium Bronze Solids & Swarf, Gun Metal Solids & Swarf
6063 & 6082 Aluminium Extrusions, New Production Aluminium Cuttings, Aluminium Swarf, Group 2 & 7 Solids & Swarf, Cast Aluminium Solids, Aluminium Wheels, Aluminium Litho, Aluminium Quad, Old Rolled Aluminium
Stainless Steel
18/8 Solids & Swarf, 316 Solids & Swarf, 409/430 Chrome Steel, Duplex Solids & Swarf, 17-4ph, 15-5ph
6/4 Revert Solids & Swarf, Commercial Pure Solids & Swarf, Ferro Grade Solids & Swarf
Nickel Alloys
Inconel, Monel, Hastelloy, Invar
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