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Heavy Melting Steel Processing


HMS (Heavy Melting Steel) - is wrought iron and steel scrap which can consist of pipe, rebar, beams and steel poles.

We accept both HMS 1 and HMS 2 considering that they have a maximum dimension of 1.5 x 0.5 x 0.5 in metres. A distinction is instantly made between HMS 1 & 2 by their overall thickness.


Our HMS 1 & 2 grades are processed daily through a structured procedure which involves sorting, shearing and bailing.


Both our Henschel 1250 shear and Leimbach HS 1400 shear allow us to shear up to 600 tonnes daily of HMS grades.


Our most recent investment is our Leimbach HPV44 Baler which produces the quality bales out of HMS materials.



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