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UK Metals firm invests in Danieli centro recycling equipment to buck trends and double capacity.

While global markets stalled in the last decade, UK scrap firm EnableLink accelerated exponentially, doubling capacity in just one year with the help of a new shear, supplied by Danieli Henschel.

Danieli Henschel Shear

The company cites investment in new equipment, old-fashioned values and a unique product as the recipe for success. 

Commercial Executive Kevin Pearson explained “In 2013, we invested in a Danieli Henschel shear, which has changed the face of the business. As well as saving on running costs it gives us a product that is denser, cleaner and easier to melt. The extra density means we can load an extra 10% into containers, which increases the margin for all concerned and has led to real interest from the international marketplace. The team has a wealth of experience – with a long and illustrious trading history!”

Based in the West Midlands, EnableLink has over 30 staff on the books and has been trading since 2007. The company processes up to 600 tonnes of ferrous and non-ferrous materials a day, with a core focus on heavy steel works melting grades, OA and HMS 1&2.

The new shear, which replaced two lower capacity models, has helped EnableLink to manage stockpiles more efficiently and reduced running costs. Commercial Executive Kevin Pearson explained: “The Danieli Henschel machine is producing more than our two previous shears combined and obviously also requires just one man instead of two, and one feeding machine instead of two.

“We are now producing more scrap for less money, and a better grade of scrap into the bargain. It has changed the dynamic of the company – it is faster, quieter, and we are now running one generator where previously we relied on two.”


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